FRI Network

Tomorrow's agency

Thanks to its long-established presence on the market, Fri Communication has forged relationships with all sorts of professionals,
all linked to the world of communication and Advertising and has developed its own
ever-expanding network.

These professionals, with their specialised expertise, are involved in working groups depending on the projects in hand,
and can assist by offering tips during the creative phase of individual campaigns, or by active collaboration in the execution of initiatives and events.



Day by day, we want to become increasingly global, to take on new challenges.

We look to the future to create tomorrow’s agency, where specialization and aggregation of talent make the difference.

We believe on a model based on innovative and integrated structure, that makes the most of the talent in Italy and the world.

For each project we assemble a working team selected for expertise and professionalism to deal with
ideas that stand out.

We are creating the home of global communication, a place for sharing moments, ideas, growth and projects.





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