FRI Events

Beyond the event

To organise an event you need passion, preparation and plenty of creativity. Our aim is to go beyond imagination, break the mould and create an unforgettable event that will surprise everyone.


Neuro Creativity


This is an innovative technique perfected by FRI, drawing on the experience gained over many years. This approach to living an event underlines the emotional component, ftargeting the perceptive, sensory, experiential and subjective capacities of the public.
FRI begins with the study of neuroscience, which can establish what happens in our brain when we are subjected to different stimuli and sensory signals.
This allows us to obtain valuable information about how to use audiovisuals and how to design spaces and settings so that the experience is amplified and reinforced and therefore a memory is created.


When event becomes communication


Through the combination of numerous diverse incentives it is possible to interact actively and more effectively with the public.
This is why no choice, creative or logistic, is ever left to chance, but selected specifically according to the objectives to be met.
From the dimensions of a screen to the position of the speaker, which can condition the cognitive process of perceiving a message, to the essential role of music which, appropriately selected for the target audience and in line with the content, can facilitate the comprehension and memorization of concepts and messages.


The event: before, during, after


The event is closely linked to the audience, who must be made to feel like a starring actor at the centre of attention, not a mere spectator.

For this reason initiatives are not focused exclusively on the day of the event itself, but also on the preceding and following days, with teaser activitiesto arouse curiosity and create engagement, monitoring to evaluate results in terms of follow-on and objectives achieved, and assistance and advice over the entire period.


We turn the event into a success


It’s not enough to organise a successful event, without leaving anything to chance; it’s essential to immerse oneself in the context, respond to every demand, in budgetterms too.
These are the keys for giving our clients visibility, prestige, motivation and stimuli for growth, by developing content and messages which can reate engagement and stay in the memory long term.