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Communication is the "culture of change".

The ability to anticipate trends and intercede promptly in changing circumstances is one of the essential ingredients for providing a strategic and innovative product.

The aim of FRI Academy is to experiment with and design
new forms of social and creative communication making a space where experience, passion, interest and talent come together to create ever-new ideas, stimuli and connections.

Our laboratory features constant monitoring of international trends, in order to understand and follow the evolution of markets, communication and creative strategies.

FRI Workshop

Workshop FRI

FRI Workshop provide an opportunity for cultural exchange, with the aim of anticipating the latest tendencies of a constantly-evolving market.

With the participation of important exponents of the international communications scene, FRI Communication aims to become a landmark and a partner, working together to deal successfully with new market scenarios through the mechanisms of strategic communication, marketing and creativity.

FRI Newsletter

Audiweb: gli italiani e internet

Audiweb pubblica i dati della total digital audience del mese di febbraio 2018 La total digital audience nel mese di febbraio ha raggiunto 34,2 milioni di italiani, pari al 62,4% della popolazione dai 2 anni in su. Nel giorno medio sono stati 26,5 milioni gli italiani online, con 2 ore e 26 minuti di tempo...